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Resume Writing Tip:

A strong resume should include:

  • Your unique value proposition or brand.
  • An effective visual presentation.
  • Industry specific keywords and phrases.
  • Your successes, achievements and how you delivered results.
  • Your expertise and how you have contributed to organizational performance.
  • A hard-hitting summary or profile to position yourself as an authority in the field.
  • Powerfully written content to capture the attention of the reader.
  • Quantifiable results; numbers speak louder than words!

To ensure my clients’ best interests are protected, only a few samples are displayed on this page.

To avoid potentially harming clients’ career success or infringing on confidentiality, I require individual sample requests. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Samples below display page one of the original two page resume.

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Chief Operations Officer

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Vice President, Business Development / Finance

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Technical Support Manager

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