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Success in Sales: Do Looks Matter?

February 26th, 2014

If life were a movie, we’d tell you that looks don’t mean anything and that it’s your heart and personality that count. Unfortunately, this is not a movie and the world is ruthless. In a world run by gossip magazines and Photoshop, it may not have taken too much to convince you that looks are entirely important in this world. You may think that this perception and superficial requirement is only limited to modeling agencies and movie stars. You’re just applying for a sales job; surely, your recruiter isn’t evaluating you based on how pretty you are? Unfortunately, they definitely are. It is common perception and even bordering on assumption that Sales representatives are supposed to be attractive people.

Achieving the Look

When we say looks, we don’t necessarily mean the bright blue eyes that you won in the genetic lottery. There is much more to looks than natural beauty. Not everyone is born with perfectly symmetrical features. This is why presentation is everything. The way you dress, the way you speak and walk is what actually has the most impact on the customer. Your main goal when talking to a customer is to achieve their trust and close the sale. When meeting with a client, you should be in business attire which shows that you are a professional. Customers are most likely to trust a sales rep that is ethical, organized, reliable and knowledgeable. These factors come across from your look and mannerisms. If you haven’t taken the time to prepare your look, then you may not take the time to work on the deal. A basic business suit is the perfect attire for a sales representative. A classic blouse and skirt are perfect for females. The clothes that you wear should be clean and free of wrinkles. Although perfume is suggested try to keep it in moderation. Strong scents can often be overwhelming and may even trigger allergies in clients that you didn’t know about.

Body Language

You need to project confidence and assuredness in the way that you interact with customers. This will mould the perception that people will have of you and how seriously the will take you. Keep your confidence in check though, since it can easily be mistaken for arrogance if overdone. Small things such as sitting up straight, having a firm handshake, regular eye contact and a steady tone can go a long way in adding to the larger picture.

Your Surroundings

Your look is not only limited to the way you appear to customers. Where you work and your car are also extensions of your look and will be assessed. If you arrive at your client’s location in a car make sure that it is clean on the inside and outside. On the other hand, if you are going to seal the deal at your office, make sure there is no clutter on your desk and your things are all organized. Even if you are a disorganized person, you can keep the clutter out of the way.

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